Four easy steps! That’s all it takes to choose the right bridal petticoat for your dress. It’s all about the measurements. The following easy and quick guide will help in the final selection of your wedding gown slip.

1. Decide what type of petticoat or hoop will work best with your dress.

If your gown already comes a crinoline built into your dress you may only need a hoop to help push out the bottom. If your gown does not have a crinoline, you will need a petticoat with a few layers of material to make your dress look its best.

2. Measure your Dress

Measure the circumference of the gown hem from side seam to side seam at the bottom, following the curve. Do this with a measuring tape.

3. Double this measurement

Your measurement is the circumference of the gown. Double it. For example: if the measurement you have taken is 85 inches, then your circumference is 85 x 2, or 170 inches

4. Compare to the slip Fullness Guide

Compare your dress measurement to the Slip Fullness Guide. The numbers represent a range. It's important not to get a bridal petticoat fuller then your wedding dress, unless, and only unless, the weight of your dress material is very heavy.

Example: Dress Measurement: 170" inches Recommended Slip Fullness: VERY FULL

Ruffles or no ruffles

Ruffles can give you that extra oo-la-la when you're looking for a touch more fullness and femininity, but not enough to want a fuller slip or a wider hoop. Ruffles can also hide the metal lines of hooping that may show under thinner wedding gowns. The ruffles will act like an extra piece of lining between your gown and the hoop.

Notes on color

Corsets, crinolines, bridal slips and hoop skirts come in ivory and white and although you will not see the petticoat under your dress, if your dress is either white, off white or a pale color like baby yellow, blue, or pink then you should go for a white bridal petticoat. Ivory petticoats are best for ivory dresses. Black petticoats are also available.