You've spent a long time looking for that perfect dress, now you need the perfect undergarment to complete your look. When it comes to fullness, there are five levels: Little Full, Medium Full, Very Full, Mega Full and Hoop Skirt.

Not sure what fullness is right for your carefully picked gown? View our How to Choose a Wedding Petticoat for an easy guide.

Little Fullness Slips

Little Fullness Petticoat

Circumference Range: 94" inches to 125" inches

Little Fullness slips are a little more than the slips you might wear everyday. They’ll give your dress a little shape and eliminate see-through effects of any other undergarments such as garters and hose. Brides usually wear them with A-line wedding gowns; gowns which come with a built-in crinoline but still require some structure, especially towards the bottom of the dress; and gowns with sleek, streamlined looks or minimal amounts of circumference. These petticoats are also suitable for bridesmaid dresses.

Medium Fullness Slips

Medium Fullness Petticoats

Circumference Range: 128" inches to 157" inches

Medium Fullness befits the wedding gown that needs structure from the hips towards the hem of the gown. While the look is straight at the hips, a flare accents the lower hemisphere of the bridal dress. Medium fullness is usually best for A-lines and dropped waist styles.

Very Full Slips

Very Full Petticoats

Circumference Range: 160" inches to 188" inches

Very Full slips are designed for full style wedding dresses that widen towards the hemline but only need a slight pouf from the waist until the bottom of the hip. This grand shape allows you to show off the beading and design on the lower half of your bridal gown. Depending on the amount of material, these bridal slips are suitable for wide A-lines and Princess style dresses.

Mega Full Slips

Mega Full Petticoats

Circumference Range: 191" inches to 220" inches

Fairy tale princess alert. The Mega Full slip adds the greatest amount of fullness to any dress. This is a look that will captivate any audience and stand out in any setting. The mega slip is made for the bridal gown that flares immediately from the waistline. Surprisingly, it offers more maneuverability and easier seating than the hoop skirt.

Hoop Skirts

Bridal Hoop Skirt

Measurements listed on individual products

A Hoop Skirt is a similar to a petticoat, but it is made with with a belled-out shape formed by a circular lightweight plastic or metal frame. Depending on the hoop skirt style, it can be comparable to any crinoline fullness including the full and mega bridal slips. Unlike a bridal slip, a hoop skirt does not have layers of fabric and is ideal for brides that do not like fabric rubbing against their legs, something to think about if you’re getting married in a hot climate. The lightweight support is encased in a layer of fabric and may be removed from the material for machine washing. The hoops are very flexible and you can loop them around themselves to make the slip small and compact for traveling purposes.

Kids / Children's Slips

Kids Petticoats

Give a princess pouf to the little ones in your bridal party. These child size petticoats are perfectly proportioned for giving smaller sized dresses fullness and body. Crinolines are available in sizes 6 months to size 16. Inside lining will prevent the scratchy netting from irritating sensitive little legs.

Bridal slip or Hoop Skirt?

Decisions, Decisions. Should you wear a crinoline or a hoop skirt underneath your wedding dress? Like coconut and banana crème cake filling, they’re not the same thing. A hoop skirt is an alternative to a crinoline. Which one you chose depends on your dress and personal taste.

A crinoline has many layers of fabric. A hoop skirt is extended by series of circular frames made of lightweight metal. Hoops tend to do a better job with heavier, fuller skirts because they are more rigid. If the hoops show through your skirt or stand out in a funny way, you can hide them with a thin crinoline over the hoop slip.

Both crinolines and hoop skirts can give your dress very full and mega full shape.