Choosing a waist closure for your crinoline is not an exact science, but it’s close. There’s definitely a logic to which closure you choose. Your comfort and the fit of your wedding dress rely partly on this seemingly small, but surprisingly big detail. Seven main waist closures cover all possible combinations needed for the precise fit of any wedding dress: Drawstring, Cinch Waist, Elastic & Zipper, Hook & Eye, VELCRO® Strap Closure, Elastic & VELCRO® Brand Strap Closure and Sew In.

Drawstring WaistDrawstring Closure offers maximum flexibility, comfort and last-minute size changes. However, it’s not for every dress. It's designed for wedding gowns that have a bask waist. Your wedding dress has this kind of a waist if it has gathers or fullness at the actual waist line and is not very tightly fitted. Then the small gathers created as the drawstring is pulled, will be hidden.


Cinch WaistThe Cinch Waist Closure is sleek, slenderizing, and seamless look best suited for an empire gown or a closely-fitted waist gown. Starting immediately at the bra line, this closure helps form a complete flow all the way to the hip. The properly fitting crinoline has a “torso trim effect” that can suck in any middle bulge to create a flattering, smooth silhouette.


Elastic with ZipperThe Elastic and Zipper Closure slenderizes and shapes a fitted-waist wedding dress. Smartly, this bridal slip begins at the waist which means the tummy area can be tucked in for a smooth style. This will emphasize the bodice of your wedding dress.



Hook & Eye ClosureThe Hook and Eye Closure is easy on, easy off and very comfortable. This waist closure is for the bride seeking a smooth waistline. It’s also for the bride who doesn’t need a form-fitting slip. This closure features adjustable sizing.


Strap ClosureVELCRO® Brand Strap Closure is for the bride who absolutely loves comfort and convenience. This quick-close crinoline allows a bit of flexibility in size adjustments. As a note, it is not waist-trimming.



Elastic & Strap ClosureThe Elastic and VELCRO® Brand Strap Closure gives the bride quick closure and size flexibility. Even if you have a change in waistline, you won’t have to change your bridal slip.



Lycra Gripper WaistLycra Gripper Waist Closure offers flexible support, comfort and style. This “closure” is really a waist panel made of 8" tubular nylon Lycra which is finished with an exclusive Gripper waistband that securely holds the crinoline in place. The gripper waistband can be worn at the bust or at the waistline for a smooth look without any lines.


Sew-In Waist Closure means the slip is designed to be sewn directly into the wedding dress. It is perfect for the bride who does not want to wear an extra article of clothing under her wedding dress.