Bridal slips, also known as petticoats or crinolines, are a form of lingerie worn beneath the wedding gown. For your gown to look its best, no matter your body type, you will almost certainly need to wear one – especially if you have a full or A-line dress. These undergarments are made of layered material and ruffles designed to give your dress the proper shape. As the layers pouf out, so does the bottom half of your dress.

Similar to a petticoat is a hoop slip or hoop skirt. These create fullness beneath the skirt of your dress using lightweight metal wire. They come without layers of material.

Bridal slips, petticoats, crinolines, and hoop skirts are all made to insure the picture perfect look of your dress. They hold your dress in shape to prevent creases and excess folds, lumps and bumps, that may appear through the dress and make it look droopy.

There are three important factors to consider when selecting a bridal petticoat: the wedding dress material, the preferred waist closure, and the bridal hem fullness. Also consider the color. Your bridal undergarment should match or be close to the color of the dress to minimize the chances of showing. Whether you choose a bridal slip or a hoop skirt depends on your dress and your personal taste.